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We never say it will be easy!

26 May 2015
We never say it will be easy!
Caroline, one of our fosterers, has had this email from Nicola who adopted two kittens from us a few weeks ago. Healthy and happy kittens are always up for mischief and Nicola's email illustrates what kittens consider to be really good fun!

"Hi Caroline, just thought I'd send you a quick update. The kittens have certainly made their mark over the past week, the house is a tip! They like nothing more than play fighting in their cat litter tray and flinging litter everywhere! They have a love for going behind the TV and playing with all the wires, the aerial wire is never in the wall anymore!! We have kept the name Mavis however Mo is now Martha. Their characters are certainly coming out! Mavis loves nothing more than being fussed and having her tummy tickled, Martha is the explorer and loves getting into carrier bags (a little worrying!) and eating all our cardboard boxes! My curtains are pulled, the sofa is being ruined and my washing is all over the floor but we wouldn't change them for the world"