South Birmingham Branch


Will be holding a Christmas Fair (to include a Boot sale)


on 8th December


from 4 – 8 pm


at Shirley Social Club


(Next to Shirley retail park)


135 Marshal Lake Road


Solihull B90 4RB


We are offering an indoor stall free of charge to any local charity.


Boot sale spaces are outside and cost £10 a space to be booked in advance


Stalls and spaces are limited so if you are interested please email:   


Cats Protection is urging owners to take special care of their pets during the forthcoming firework season.  

Whilst the festivities are entertaining for humans, they can be distressing for pets. 

The following recommendations should ensure that you can enjoy the celebrations in the knowledge that you cat is safe and secure.

Keep your cat in after dark with a litter tray.

Reduce the noise from outside by keeping windows shut and curtains drawn.  Playing soothing music or having the TV on may also help.

In order to feel secure cats need to be settled in cosy, familiar territory, such as a comfy bed or favourite chair. Consider providing your cat with a safe place to hide, such as an igloo bed.

Ask your vet about synthetic pheromone plug-in diffusers as these can create a reassuring environment for your pet.

Make sure all cat-flaps, doors and windows are securely fastened as sensitive cats will be startled by the noise and flashes and try to run away.

For more information or advice please contact, telephone 03000 12 12 12 or email