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The Diary of an Adopted Cat

30 April 2015
The Diary of an Adopted Cat Dahlia was rehomed at the end of March to a lovely family in the Solihull area. Once our Homing Officer completed his paperwork and had left, the fun began!  Dahlia’s diary tells the full story:

Day 1
Early this morning I said goodbye to my fostermum, was put in a cat carrier and driven to an unknown place with three human strangers. They are keeping me here. I don't like it.  I stalked around the house and cried as pitifully as I can. In the evening whilst it was still light I hid under a bed. Then when my new people were asleep I crept out to explore. I’ve found an amazing place - dark, dirty and completely secret. I slept there undisturbed for the night.
Day 2
Bother! I've been discovered -  I’m apparently in the chimney and I'd left sooty evidence in the hearth. I must be more careful, in future. But they can't get me here although they try. I've smelled the tempting aromas of poached salmon and roast chicken and that made my tummy rumble but I'm resolved to only come out at night.
Day 3
Still in the chimney. I'm getting very hungry and my fur is filthy, like a black powder puff. I know my new people are looking and listening for me as they call my name and those tempting smells still reach my nose.
Overnight, I did creep out and happily rolled on the carpet leaving a very satisfactory black streak. I’ve got more food and water so I've eaten and visited the litter tray. What a relief!
Day 4
Another quiet day perched on a sooty ledge inside the chimney. It's big in here with lots of little nooks and crannies but, oh my, it is dirty and the air smells foul. I've heard my new people saying I'm inside an inglenook fireplace that's big enough for Santa, his sleigh and all his reindeer to get down. So plenty of room for one small cat.
In the night I decided it was safe to venture out for some light refreshments.  I was quite enjoying this avoidance game but tonight it all went wrong I can't believe it, but they actually managed to block my escape back up the chimney.  Where can I go now?
Day 5
Ha! I am so cunning and clever. They will never find me here. But what's this?  A light is shining on me. They've found me. and I thought I was safe, tucked snugly behind the dishwasher.
Day 6
Drat!  They moved the dishwasher and took the kick boards off the kitchen units. So I had to run again. I don't like this game anymore!
Day 7
Nice and quiet and dark - just as I like it. It's fun wedged under the freezer.
Day 8
My new people are very persistent. They moved the freezer. Then they filled all my hidey holes with chicken wire so no chance of a return to my favourite kitchen appliances. And there is now a gigantic picture of a sleeping cat blocking my access to the fireplace.
Days 9 to 14
I’m behind the sofa,  It's not so bad here, it's warm, safe and relatively comfortable. My people have kindly given me a cushion to sleep on and I can hear them talking and calling my name.  The name they are using seems to have changed, though. I was Dahlia but now they call me Cinders after a girl in a fairytale called Cinderella who lived in the ashes of a fireplace.  I suppose I'll get used to it and I already recognise my new family’s voices and this house is beginning to smell like home to me.
Day 15
Okay, I'll admit it - I've been lonely and miserable over the past two weeks and have missed some love and affection. So I've given in and let my new family coax me out from behind the sofa to tickle my nose and stroke my head. Then I capitulated completely, rolled on my back and invited them to rub my tummy.  Oh, the bliss of a warm lap and the whisper of kind, sweet words. I'm purring with delight.
These nice humans are now my family and I know I am happy, safe and loved. I've been given lots of toys to play with a cosy bed to sleep in. I think I'm going to like my new home, after all.
Perhaps I’ve been a bit of a silly girl!

Our Branch would like to thank Frances and her family for sharing Cinders’ diary and also for their patience and humour over what must have been a difficult two weeks.